Excellence Through Brotherhood

Northeastern Pi Delta Psi prides itself on empowering a new generation of Brothers academically, culturally, and righteously.

We are the fastest growing Asian-American fraternity in the United States

Pi Delta Psi is an Asian American Cultural Fraternity founded on February 20, 1994 at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York. Since our founding, the primary mission of Pi Delta Psi has been to spread Asian American Cultural awareness in an effort to empower the entire Asian American community. We are guided by four pillars; Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, and Friendship/Loyalty. The Northeastern University Chapter was established in 2005, and since then we have grown to be 176 brothers strong.


We are culturally driven...

Being culturally attune is something we value greatly. We strive to explore our cultural identity, but more importantly understand its value in today's society. We host a myriad of cultural events and workshops, brining in members that have positively impacted the Asian-American community. Some notable guests include JKFilms, The Shibutani Siblings, The Fung Bros, and Professor Terry Park.

And socially impactful

We are always involved in our Northeastern and Boston community. Whether that is hosting events with other Greek organizations, participating in dance competitions, or volunteering at the 50/50 raffle for the Boston Celtics, we strive to leave our mark and impact in our community.



Our Four Pillars

Pi Delta Psi was founded on four pillars that embody the purpose of our Fraternity.


Academic Achievement

Stive to main academic excellence in our studies and work.


Cultural Awareness

Understand our cultural identity and how it fits in today's world.



Fight for what is right and never be complacement in the face of injustice.


Friendship and Loyalty

Value the relationships we build and never leave a Brother behind.

Interested in us?

What is Rush?

Rush is a series of non-binding events for you to meet our Brothers and see if Pi Delta Psi is for you. Rush typically occurs within the first couple weeks of a semester, and consists of two weeks of fun events to meet the Brothers of Pi Delta Psi.


Our Brothers

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest chapters in the Nation. 176 Brothers Strong.


Ryo "Maestro" Tsuda

President, F17

Ryo is the 16th President of the AA Chapter. He serves as head of the executive board and oversees all activities at NEU PDP. Ryo also enjoys singing and sports science. Ryo has been through 10 semesters. He carries the fraternity on his back. Literally. Baki.


Warin "Abstract" Sae-Sae

External Vice President, F19

Warin is the EVP and oversees all external event related activities, such as guest speaker, cultural, and probate events. Warin has a collection of rare animals. Warin is like a polar bear, super scary, but also very friendly.


Chris "Gold" Su

Treasurer, F19

Chris is the Treasuer and oversees all financial & accounting activities for our organization. Chris enjoys lifting weights, playing sports and cooking. He trains legs.


Nicholas "Porter" Cao

Internal Vice President and Philanthropy Chair, S19

Nicholas is the IVP and makes sure our internal activties run smoothly. He enjoys working out, raving and running. He aspires to be a Cow.


Kevin "Glock" Zheng

Recorder, S20

Kevin is the Recorder of the AA Chapter and handles all administrative and logistical matters. He enjoys Lifting, cooking, sports and video games. Kevin also goes by the name Richard.


Han Sun "Growlithe" Woo

Active, S16

Han Sun is our oldest active bro, recently coming back from serving in the Korean Army. He enjoys playing guitar, singing and photography. Han Sun is like a see-saw, you never know what side of him you'll get.


Keetae "Incognito" Kim

Active, F16

Keetae is one of our oldest bros, recently coming back from serving in the Korean Army. He enjoys snowboarding, cooking and DJing. Keetae keeps Han Sun happy.


Chantae "Sasuke" Park

Active, F18

Chantae has lived in four countries, served in the Korean Army and now enjoys playing sports. He loves watching and supporting Chelsea. He embezzeles dining hall swipes.


Jonathan "Shard" Chan

Banquet Chair, S19

Jonathan is responsible for coordinating our annual banquet. He is often known as a stick, but in his free time he plays basketball and computer games. He believes he is very Jeon.


Preston "Sunrise" Ho

Active, S20

Preston is quite a handful. Whenever he sneezes, he sneezes three times. He also enjoys cooking for his friend and family and surfing! Many say Preston resembles Oscar from Shark Tale.


Jarred "Grandmaster" Chow

Active, F20

Jarred is one of our most busiest bros, but when he is free, he enjoys losing all his money playing poker. He also used to play varsity Overwatch! He shows up once in a blue moon.


Payton "Marshal" Lee

Social Chair and Fraternity Artist, F20

Payton is currently one of our social chairs, and helps create meaningful art and graphics for our fraternity. Payton enjoys marine biology and likes to play soccer. Payton and his hamster both like trees.


Josh "Dior" Koay

Fundraising Chair, S21

Josh is currently our fundraising chair, raising funds for our fraternity through various events. Josh enjoys playing basketball, cooking and drums. Josh is always sick of something.


Evan "Faze" Tran

Social Chair, S21

Evan has been one of our social chairs for two semesters, helping organize social events for the whole fraternity to enjoy. He unfortunately cannot write with pencils. He wishes he was as cool as his big.


Eric "Wade" Lau

Social Chair, MGC Chair, and Wellness Chair, S21

Eric currently holds 3 chairs, keeping everyone healthy and happy. He also enjoys weightlifting, chipotle and A Boogie wit da Hoodie.


Chris "Vector" Oh

Fundraising Chair, S21

Chris Oh is currently one our fundraising chairs. He also played the viola for 12 years and enjoys watching sports. Chris is like a golden retriever. Sometimes happy, sometimes buffering.


Joaquin "Mana" Jimenez

Rush Chair, Community Service Chair, Brother Unity Chair, Performance Chair S21

Joaquin currently holds four different chairs, the most out of every bro. He has a teddy bear named Chunk, and his favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream. Joaquin is quite the comedian and spits rhymes like no other.


Dhendup "Duel" Dorjee

Brother Unity Chair and PAAC Chair, S21

Dhendup is one of our Brother Unity Chairs and also maintains the relations with the Pan Asian American Council. He enjoys playing rugby for Northeastern currently. Dhendup is like a coin, you'll never know which side of him you'll meet.


Sean "Citadel" Hong

Investment Chair, S21

Sean enjoys playing volleyball and stock trading. He currently holds the Investment Chair position, providing finacial knowledge to our chapter. Sean is a big lad who has a lot of big moves.


Justin "WRLD" Wu

Web Developer, F21

Justin currently maintains the chapter website. He enjoys working out, singing and occasionally a good video game.


Siraj "J├Ągermeister" Akmal

Rush Chair and Performance Chair, F21

Siraj is currently one of the rush and performance chairs. He also enjoys making spotify playlists and watching movies. He has a very good goofy impression.


Shams Ivan "Waves" Ahmed

MGC Chair, S21

Ivan is currently one of our MGC chairs and enjoys listening to various types of music. He also likes trees.


Jaycen "Zagreus" Tan

Fraternity Artist and Public Relations Chair, F21

Jaycen is currently one of our Fraternity Artists, creating graphics, and is also in charge of our social media accounts. He enjoys driving, videography and weightlifting. He is the king of grammar.


Allen "Dolce" Liu

Performance Chair, F21

Allen is one of the performance chairs helping organize performance events. He caught up to One piece in month, and enjoys singing, anime and getting sturdy. He laughs at everything and his laugh is very annoying.


Sam "Alpenglow" Wang

Multicultural Greek Council Chair, F21

Sam is one of our MGC chairs, helping us coordinate and connect with other multicultural organizations on campus. Sam spreads happiness for everyone.


Christian "Carnation" Limb

Active, F21

Christian is one of our neos and he enjoys playing soccer. He tends to go dark and no one knows where he goes.


Eugene "Yugen" Ho

Academic Chair, F21

Eugene is currently our Academic chair, helping all brothers with any school needs. He enjoys lifting, playing basketball and reading. He tends to fall victim to scams.


Kyle "Sako" Hu

Rush Chair, F21

Kyle is currently one of the three rush chairs for Spring 2022. He enjoys playing club volleyball and going to wollaston's. His eye bags could carry anything.


Christophe "Demigod" Le Couedic

Wellness Chair, F21

Christophe is one of the two wellness chairs of our chapter, making sure everyone is happy and healthy. He enjoys playing basketball and riding around on his scooter. People have mixed opinions about Christophe.


Kai "Talos" Zabetakis

Active, F21

Kai is currently one of our tallest bros. He really enjoys playing TFT in his free time. He also has the biggest nose in our chapter.


Tai "G-Class" Wong

Active, S22

Tai is a G-Class dancer who served in the Singapore Army for two years. He enjoys tatoos and spending time with his friends. Some say he likes leaves, but maybe not trees.


Anthony "Eren" Chow

Active, S22

Anthony is a neo. He listens to a lot of music. We're talking 200k minutes on his spotify wrapped. Some of his favorite artists are Ricky Montgomery, Keshi, and Jack Harlow. They call him Eren J├Ągermeister.


Aidan "Doflamingo" Kaneshiro

Active, S22

Aidan is secretly a frog. He enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends. He is known for his crazy vertical and long arms. Interesting character to say the least.


David "Killua Zoldyck" Ku

Active, S22

David is a neo from South Korea. He enjoys listening to Studio Ghibli music, but hasn't watched any of their movies. He is no longer late to the party.


Christopher "Haku" Herrick

Active, S22

Chris goes by "tiph". He used to play lacrosse and now finds himself drinking milk to help maintain his massive stature. Catch his silent dance moves at his next show.


Theme "Patek" Tanpairoj

Active, S22

Theme is from Bangkok, Thailand. He is one our of tallest bros and is full of goofiness. Always smirking. Makes you wonder what's on his mind.


Edward "Toothless" Man

Active, S22

Edward is from Toronto, Canada. He is our tallest bro standing at a whooping 9 ft tall. He is always smiling, and willing to give a helping hand. Contrary to his nickname, he actually does have teeth.


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